Flare Fittings

Vulcan provides a wide range of brass flare fittings. Our high-quality flare fittings provide a durable solution for all your flare fitting needs. Flare fittings are very useful when it comes to joining tubes of copper or steel when soldering or brazing is not desirable. Flare fittings provide a durable connection in pipes having a flow of refrigerant, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), etc. We also manufacture customized flare fittings as per your drawings & design requirements!

Material: Brass / Steel (grade as per customer requirements.)

Sizes: As per requirement.

Thread Types: UNF, NPT, DIN, and others as per customer requirements.

Finish & Coating: Natural Finish, Nickel Plated, Electro-Tinned Plated.

  • Flare Cap

  • Flare Nut

  • Male flare x Female Adapter 

  • Male flare x Male Adapter 

  • Female Flare x Male Adapter

  • Female flare x Female Adapter 

  • Female Flare x Male Flare Adapter

  • Flare Tee

  • Flare Cross

  • Flare union

  • Flare Plug

  • 90° Male Flare Elbow

  • Male Flare x Female Adapter Elbow

  • 90° Male Flare x Male Adapter Elbow

  • 45° Flare Elbow

  • Flare Washer

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