Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are essential plumbing and electrical conduit fitting parts. They are used to join pipes carrying water and other liquids at high pressure. They are sturdy, reliable, and easy to install, and they make hassle-free connections where soldering and brazing are inconvenient or hazardous. Vulcan provides a full range of compression fittings for all your compression fitting needs. We also manufacture customized compression products as per your drawings & design requirements!

Material: Brass / Steel (grade as per customer requirements.)

Thread Types: UNF, NPT, DIN, and others as per customer requirements.

Sizes: Click on the products for elaborate size list.

Finish & Coating: Natural Finish, Nickel Plated, Electro-Tinned Plated.

  • Compression Caps

  • Compression Nuts

  • Compression Male Adapters

  • Compression Female Adapters

  • Flare Compression Adapters

  • Compression Female Elbow

  • Compression Male Elbow

  • Compression Union Elbow

  • Compression Female Tee Adapters

  • Compression Male Tee (Run)

  • Compression Male Tee (branch)

  • Compression Tees

  • Compression Unions

  • Brass Ferrule/ Olive/ Steel

  • Copper Ferrule/ Olive/ Steel

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