Brass Inserts

Vulcan provides a wide range of high-quality brass inserts. Inserts are very useful in changing worn-out threading or when a change in thread standards is required. Inserts also provide durable threading when the material itself is not sturdy enough to provide a long-lasting thread.   Our inserts are durable, sturdy, and easy to install and are used in a variety of areas such as plastic parts, furniture, telecommunication parts, automobiles, and electrical installations. We provide a very competitively priced solution for all your brass inserts needs ranging from square, round, or hexagonal with knurling patterns like an annular, linear, diamond, or straight knurl. We also provide almost all threading standards as per customer requirements. Our flanged inserts can also be used as an electrical contact in medium voltage connections. We can customize the inserts as per your requirements.


Material: Free cutting brass or any other standard brass as per customer requirements.
Knurl Pattern: Annular, Linear, Dimond, Straight
Thread Types: ISO, BSW, BA, UNC, UNF, and others as per customer requirements.
Finish & Coating: As per customer requirements. 

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